Viva Magenta has made its way around the internet with boundless force, and while the news might feel a little stale by now, it is the color of the entire year, after all. We imagine there will be endless glimpses of the brilliant hue throughout fashion, design, and branding for the next year, so we’ve asked a few creative directors for their thoughts on the matter.

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Sarah Ratinetz, Creative Director at Forsman & Bodenfors
“The conversation between art, design and AI has never been louder, so I’m particularly fascinated by Pantone’s decision to partner with Midjourney, the AI platform, to create The Magentaverse. Although its origins are rooted in nature, the color feels particularly suited to the digital world. It’s vivid, unrelenting, and a bit ominous.”

via Pantone

Joseph Han, Creative Director at COLLINS
“The year 2022 began with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and will end with the World Cup in Qatar. The year painted a contrasting picture of our human nature–destruction and division on one hand and hope and unity on the other. The color of 2023, Viva Magenta, throws a question at us through its exuberance and vitality: what is the deepest color that connects all of us together?”

Sarah Anderson, Creative Director at Forsman & Bodenfors
“Viva Magenta is my new motto for everything, because I’ve actually been viva-ing in a two-piece number that is nearly this shade for the last two months. It’s so refreshing to see a return to bold, vibrant hues that make you feel uninhibited joy.”

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